Did You Know About Halal Bacon?


With all the aversion to pork and pork derived products among Muslims, the term halal bacon will surely raise questions. For those who are not aware of what the term means, it is not pork, but refers to meat that is synonymous to bacon. For those who follow halal guidelines they know that pork and all pork related products are forbidden to be consumed by their law and religion. However, bacon can be obtained from other animal meat. It refers to halal food that is cured in a way that bacon is created. These food products look like bacon and are shaped and colored accordingly.

Defining halal bacon

For those who might get alarmed by the name, they need to know that it does not refer to any pork meat. Those who follow Islamic investment funds and the Islamic law know that they are forbidden to eat pork and any pork derived food products. Bacon here refers to the way the meat is cured and not the animal with which it is usually associated with. Halal bacon refers to meat that is cured similar to the way bacon is done. The process is explained below.

How halal bacon is made?

When it comes to halal bacon, it is usually done with meat that is allowed to be consumed as per Islamic laws and can be consumed by those who look at Islamic investment funds in Australia. The animal needs to be slaughtered in accordance with Islamic law. The meat that is butchered is subjected to salt that is poured over the meat and it is pounded into the flesh. The salted meat is then placed in a freezer or a store for curing. The moisture is drawn out by the salt and this helps to preserve the meat.

Finishing the meat

The next step is to suspend the cured meat on top of a smoker. The smoke cures the meat as well as adding a distinct flavor to the meat, akin to bacon. The wood that is used also adds a certain flavor to the bacon. There are several meat options when one is looking to purchase halal bacon. One can opt for beef, bacon as well as salmon, other fish meat as well as turkey meat. It could also refer to a vegetarian pate. If you wish to start on making Halal bacon and would need funding, you can visit this site https://hejazfs.com.au/ for Halal approved financing,

Points to consider

When looking to purchase halal bacon one needs to ensure that the food manufacturer is halal certified. That is because the halal products might come in contact with non halal meat as well during the curing process. For these reasons the smoke houses where halal meat is cured and bacon created, these houses should not include pork products of any kind. For that reason most Muslims will purchase halal bacon from certified manufacturers only.